Artificial Intelligence Services Summary

Macrosoft AI‘s R&D team is continually working on new technologies in AI innovation. With an increased focus on AI for increasingly demanding use cases we are working on utilization of larger and more challenging data.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Recommendation Engines

As business activities and processes evolve into online interactive solutions, the use cases for Recommendation Engines have exploded. Macrosoft AI Recommendation Engines utilize algorithms that are trained with data that reflects the preferences, interests and observed behavior for all critical Influencers within a given marketplace. Our Recommendation Engines can filter through millions of transactions real time and on a continual basis, allowing for a level of insight that has no theoretical limit.

Sentiment Analysis Services

Understanding what the key Influencers of your marketplace say or feel has been proven to be of great value to businesses. These key influencers can be customers, suppliers, competitors, third-party industry experts, etc. This information may be highly unstructured and in various formats, most commonly text and audio. At Macrosoft AI, our mastery of NLP allows us to break down unstructured content into the specific topic(s) and associate the sentiment expressed to that topic or topics. These results can be returned to our customers in a structured data format.

Sentiment Analysis
NLP Services

NLP Services

One of the largest sources of data is written and spoken content on the web. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most significant advancements resulting from AI. NLP is the marriage of data science and AI, focusing on human-computer interaction, and processing and analyzing large amounts of natural language data.

AI-Powered Scraping Solutions

Macrosoft AI’s AI-Powered Scraping solution enables organizations to focus their time on core business, or execution of their responsibilities in the public sector, leaving the task of information acquisition to us. Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor continuously scans the web for the relevant content of value to any number of defined use cases. Our solution assesses several unstructured content sources. Once Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor produces a source of relevance, the information is returned to our customer in a consumable format by our product Macrosoft AI Content Transformer.

AI Powered Scraping
Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition

Image Recognition Services

Image Recognition has garnered attention generated by advancements in Facial Recognition. Macrosoft AI has assisted customers in image and object recognition projects by employing Transfer Learning (the use of a pre-trained model) as well as Deep Learning (training our own model).