AI Powered Scraping

Automated Content Acquisition

Thought leaders in the private and public sectors recognize that information of any category now resides on the web.  Furthermore, this information is in constant flux and evolution. While in the past, the challenge was the availability of critical information, today it is taking full advantage of this information. In the private sector, the challenge is to use this information as a business advantage in a manner that is superior to competitors.   Further complicating this task is the fact that that information and content is unstructured, preventing the effective use of traditional machine learning technology.

At Macrosoft AI, we make these goals a reality through the use of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and traditional Machine Learning (ML). Macrosoft AI’s AI-Powered Scraping solution enables organizations to focus their time on core business, or execution of their responsibilities in the public sector, leaving the task of information acquisition to us.

Typical private and public sector applications include (but are not limited to):

–    New product development
–    Competitive assessments
–    Brand, IP, and Patent protection
–    Monitoring for fraud and/or counterfeiting
–    Compliance monitoring
–    Policy formation

AI Powered Scraping

Let’s take a look at the two core components of our AI-powered Scraping Solution:

1) Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor - 24x7x365 Content Monitoring

Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor continuously scans the web for the relevant content of value to any number of defined use cases.  Our solution assesses several unstructured content sources.  We employ advanced NLP techniques working in conjunction with each other, along with ML, to make this possible.

NLP Topic Modeling

We identify the topics covered within a content source, allowing our solution to assess if the source or just a portion of it, is of value to our customer.

NLP Content Relevancy

Once the topics are defined, Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor can discern if this source, or portions of content within, are relevant to any of the use cases defined in advance by our customer.

Continuous learning using ML

Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor is continuously enhanced with each iteration through our use of ML.  We create ML models for acquiring the content of relevance to help improve the accuracy of the information we return to our customer.

2) Macrosoft AI Content Transformer

Once Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor produces a source of relevance, the information is returned to our customer in a consumable format. We employ the following NLP and ML techniques:

NLP Topic Relevancy

Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor has the ability to restrict the information from a selected source based on relevance. This includes extracting meaningful portions of a document, leaving other content out of the picture for further analysis.

NLP Summarization

Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor has the ability to transform the relevant but unstructured content into an itemized summary. This simplifies the consumption of the information returned.

NLP Version Evaluation

Once a relevant source is identified and consumed, our solution continuously evaluates any changes to determine if they are of importance to the use cases defined.  Only relevant updates are captured and are used to augment previously provided content.

ML Bookmarking

The creation of bookmarks is critical to our customers, especially when working with very large and dynamic sources.  With each bookmark request we learn from the existing heading and sub-headings to automatically identify the bookmarks in new sources.

Macrosoft AI Virtual Moniter lets clients work on their core business while data generation is automated.

AI Recommendation Engine Case Study

Macrosoft AI Virtual Monitor

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