Data Preparation Methodology

Gap Analysis Remediation

In the majority of cases, a Gap identified in Data Profiling reflects the lack of sufficient data to solve for the targeted use case(s).  Such remediation is often accomplished by creating derived attributes from the data-on-hand, and/or the acquisition of incremental data source(s).

AI-powered Gap Remediation

Creating new information from the data-on-hand has long been one remediation approach.  However, though the use of AI, completely new data can be generated from the data-on-hand.  A powerful example of this technique is the use of Sentiment Analysis generated from third party content sources to augment an e-commerce company’s data.

MacAI Data Preparation methodology
AI Recommendation Engine Case Study

Macrosoft AI DataScience CaseStudy - Leveraging Data Profiling for Sentiment Analysis

See how this Life Sciences company used the power of Sentiment Analysis to extract relevant data from content based social media.