Customized Recommendation Engine

A leading Promotional Product business was generating a massive amount of information from the ordering activity of its customers. Their leadership was smart to recognize the potential value of their data and sought to leverage this asset to build a customized Recommendation Engine. The goals of this effort were to improve the user experience and increase order volumes as well as customer loyalty. Macrosoft AI was hired to evaluate the customer’s data and design/develop/train/implement a solution that the customer had envisioned.

Leveraging Data Profiling for Sentiment Analysis

The senior leadership at a national E-Commerce company possessed a unique and potentially invaluable resource. This asset could be a game changer for them in terms of an enhanced customer experience, increased business volumes and improved customer loyalty.  However, this asset was trapped within their business enterprise, unavailable to any attempt at monetizing it.  It was akin to having large oil reserves underground with no way to tap them.  Furthermore, the senior leadership team understood how technology could leverage this unique asset. This asset was customer data.

NLP Sales Enablement Solution

An industry leading Life Sciences company recently introduced a revolutionary new product into an already crowded and competitive marketplace.Their primary challenge was to educate physicians on the product and its benefits and establish confidence in the efficacy of this new product over its many market competitors.

Transforming Blogs into Data for Life Sciences

Social media is a diverse source of sentiment in Life Sciences and many other marketplaces.  Many key market Influencers e.g. patients, physicians, care givers, third party advocates freely share their sentiment about a given product. These could be a medicine, medical product, or a treatment protocol and the information could be distributed across numerous blogs.  Macrosoft AI’s expertise in Sentiment Analysis transformed this “blogosphere” into structured and actionable data for a medical device manufacturer.